Mitrajaya Holdings Bhd through its principal subsidiary, Pembinaan Mitrajaya Sdn Bhd, has created for itself an enviable track record of successful projects in construction and civil engineering related fields. Mitrajaya has long been a major player in helping Malaysia become a nation with modern infrastructure, as well as providing quality living and working environments. It has also played a significant role in major national projects such as the Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA), KL's Light Rail Transit System, the CyberJaya Flagship Zone, the Putrajaya Federal Administrative Centre, the East Coast Economic Region, the Iskandar Southern Development Corridor, Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) Headquarters, Asia School of Business Academic & Residential Campus, Asian Institute of Chartered Bankers Centre of Excellence and numerous other projects.

Mitrajaya is now a multi-national conglomerate with businesses in a diverse range of industries, among them, construction, property development and international projects.

Our Corporate Philosophy

The Group's philosophy is based on the belief that a business organization, while in pursuit of profit, should fulfill its role as an agent of progress and discharge its moral responsibility to society and employees.

We strive to harmonize our precious human resources and the operating environment whereby professionalism, teamwork, total commitment and loyalty could be cultivated and nurtured to become our corporate culture and ethics.

We are able to combine our resources and technology to create the synergy for the growth over the years. Our track record has proven our ability to provide superior service to meet all the needs of our clients from initial planning to management of the completed project.


Mitrajaya's mission is to provide timely and quality services to all its customers by:-

  • Exercising due care to the environment
  • Upholding best business ethics
  • Meeting its social obligations
  • Meeting employee expectations
  • Optimising shareholder value


Mitrajaya's vision is to be the preferred product and service provider in all our core businesses.